praise of laziness

Welcome to the website that appreciates the praise of laziness .

Citing the book “Elogio de la pereza” (praise of laziness) of Dr. José Galaviz, we are too lazy to do the work where we have no spiritual retribution, not amusing us and are not a challenge. Many of these tasks are characterized by being repetitives and we would prefer that someone else do them. Our laziness to do these tasks has pushed us to the invention and exacerbated our ingenuity, so many of these tasks are not made by someone but “something”.

We must not forget the causes of computing as a scientific discipline so that with the consequences of this, we can innovate.

When I was studing at university, I went to the doctor and he asked me what I was studing, I said Computer Science, in a cocky way he told me that it was very easy, surely he thought that only they taught me about how to use Windows and its software. So far after years when I went out from university, I still do not know well use Excel as well as many mathematicians who are bad to split the bill among friends.

Perhaps many people don’t understand what it is to be a programmer, subject of publication to be made later; it’s also true that it’s common that many people have a vague idea of what is computing, there will always be family, acquaintances or schools to maintain the idea that it is only about how to use any office suite such as Microsoft Office, but rather as mentioned by Dr. Galaviz in his book, one must first define what is computing which is synonymous of calculate. Unfortunately misconceptions of what is to be a computer programmer in my country Mexico are very common and that’s why a programmer is underestimated and therefore this eventually leads to huge losses to companies.

Doing my bit, I made this website to create tutorials and write about topics that are potentially of great interest to us programmers and people who care to understand and make it big in the best way possible. This website is based on my experience and courses I’ve taken.


praise of laziness

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