Despised Science

The Despised Science, why science still despised and where should we go.

Even in these times there are many people who think the earth is flat, they even have their own society that is becoming bigger.

Religion has always been in conflict with science, with the historical precedent the Dark Ages. Galileo Galilei, for example, in the XVII century, was censured by his scientific findings by the Church. This disregard for scientific research continues because other beliefs, either by religion or conspiracy theories, people who based their knowledge on videos uploaded to the network or blind faith. This is something that should change.

From my point of view it’s due to a major factor: the scientific community and their knowledge is very hermetic. This of course is not intentional, there are many factors to make a scientific discovery be propagated to the public, starting with time, money and effort on the part of researchers.

Usually, to disseminate their findings, a researcher at the UNAM University does the following:

  • Sign up for Researchgate, which is a social network only for researchers where they can among many things, share articles and be evaluated, corrected and discussed among the scientific community itself. To enter this site you must have an email from the university and select areas of interest. A person without this can not access all the knowledge that contains this site.
  • Once the account is created in this network, upload the called papers or scientific research articles.
  • Researcher colleagues evaluate the articles. Although, in this network everyone can see and comment on the work of others.
  • Already evaluated and approved its articles (with slow process), the researcher has to pay large amounts of money for open and closed access publishing .
  • Publishers sell the work back to the researcher university for a lot of money. It happens that when a research publish an article, he re-ask people the full text due by lack of access to the magazine.

It’s silly that many researchers are funded by taxpayers, but taxpayers do not really read the final work because they don’t have access to university libraries and so on. If researchers put it all online, this system could change.

Some interesting things have happened to prevent that knowledge be so tight, one of them is something a researcher called Alexandra Elbakyan did in Russia, she has published several articles on the Internet for free. Despite a court order and a demand by Elsevier, one of the largest publishers in the world, she does not want to terminate her site which is Sci-Hub. Also the scientific community has supported her creating protest sites.

I think currently, if for some reason a solar storm ends with electricity, we would believe bck again that the earth is lifted by elephants and a giant turtle.

Despised Science

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